Flea Markets
Flea Markets
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Starting a Flea Market

George wanted to start a flea market, so he got some buddies together over beers and asked for suggestions on the best way to start. One of his buddies told him that the best way to get started was for him to become a junk collector. All junkers gravitate toward flea markets, he said. Another friend disagreed, and told him that being a hoarder would help get him started on the path to starting a flea market. Then one of the friends asked him if he wanted to rent booth in a flea market, or actually wanted to own a market. When George set the record straight and said he was interested in both selling stuff and renting booths, his friends were all much happier and they had some great ideas.

Someone told George that he should check with the city and county to find out what regulations controlled flea markets. He suggested that George might need a permit or license to run a flea market. George didn't want to get in trouble with the law, or start a flea market business only to get shut down, so he knew that was a good idea. Someone then said that he'd better think about where people would go to use the restroom. Just starting out, he could rent portable toilets if he wasn't going to rent a building. Renting would be better than buying them, unless he wanted to haul them around to be emptied!

Someone else said that if the flea market was going to be open only in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, he could rent two or three acres of land. That got him thinking that he might have to get some tents. Maybe starting out he could buy them for cheap at a flea market in a nearby city! Then a buddy said that if he was going to be open in the Winter, he'd need a building and that he would want to consider whether or not he would be heating it, as well as whether or not the market would be open all week or only a limited number of days. Regardless of whether or not he started by renting a building, he'd be charging people a daily, weekend, or monthly fee to either set up or use a booth. If he rented and heated a building, the fees would be much higher. One pal said that the most important thing for success was location, location, location, and George knew that was right.
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